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ADHD Speaker. Advocate. Presenter.

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ADHD Speaker. Advocate. Presenter.


Alex Watts Does Stuff

From Headline Speaker to Behind the Scenes Producer, Alex Watts' career has taken him across the world and made him a popular figure for people in the know. From Google, YouTube and MIT to MCM Comic-Con and his own pop-culture shows, Alex Watts likes to make sure his audiences take away a valuable understanding of the positive lifestyle afforded by ADHD.

Public Speaker

From ADHD to Motivational Speaking and Humour, Alex is a seasoned veteran at it all.

Panel Moderator

If your event has several guests and you need a moderator for the discussion, Alex will be there.

Content Producer

YouTube Producers do a LOT. Alex can help streamline your creative process and increase traffic.

Community Manager

Slack & Discord are Alex's instrument for managing your gaming community.

Team Player

Alex is a avid gamer and is ready to join your Rocket League team at any place in the world.

Packed & Ready

Alex keeps his travel bag packed at all times. If you need a host tomorrow - he'll be there.

About Alex Watts

Based on the Isle of Wight but with a passport with more stamps than the largest stamp collectors books, Alex Watts has spoken at MIT, left Spain wanting more, collected 3 Google building balcony selfies and even hosts his own gaming convention.

Not bad for a guy who was told to not expect much from life at 14.

Alex Watts Waist Up Pulling Dudes Hand Gesture
Alex watts and Fine Bros of React Channel on YouTube at VidCon

Alex Watts & Co.

Through the years, Alex has acquired a phonebook full of the internet’s most loved personalities. Powered by the OnePlus 6, Alex is a mobile office and never more than a click away from a collaboration.

Fun Facts About Alex Watts

The devil is in the detail and Alex Watts loves details.


He Once Told a Girl he Was an Olympian

On a dare, Alex convinced a girl that he was an Olympic Tiddlywinks Champion. They dated for a week.


He Can Speak and Sing in Spanish*

*Alex knows the lyrics to Spanish band Ska-P's songs and about 20% of the English translation.


He Wants to See an Autistic Superhero

Alex and Dan have a goal of writing Marvel or DC's first Autistic Superhero character.

Make your next event 'more'.

Alex's facination with humanity means he'll research any event topic until he is an expert in that field and then deliver a talk packed with humour, insight, entertainment and leave your class / audience / lecture better than before.