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AlexDHD Speaker, Comedian & Presenter.

Public Speaking

Alex specialises in public speaking; from interviewing special guests and hosting comedy sets to supporting audiences on their journey through life.

His Last show, Something Strange, included apples being chainsawed out of mouths, bullwhips and other goosebumps worthy moments.

ADHD Videos

Alex has AHDH and other qualities beginning with A; like being awesome and adopted.

Ok, the last bit was a lie...

But if you would like to adopt some of the ways Alex deals with various situations in life (whilst having ADHD) watch his videos on ADHD Life-hacking and other shenanigans.


Like... buy his stuff.

Arguably hilarious t-shirts, pointlessly printed things, hats, stickers, stress balls and other naughties.

There's even rumours that Alex is writing a book on ADHD Life-hacks...


Alex has has ADHD since… well, since he was born.

That’s (ALMOST!) 30 years of experience.

And he’s willing to give up all of this useful knowledge to you guys for Reece’s & Dr. Pepper – we say that’s a small price to pay.


Alex travels the world with close friend and autistic YouTuber Daniel Jones (The Aspie World) to preach the positive lifestyle ADHD can provide, tearing down negative stereotypes and offering coaching on request.

Recent Videos

The Merch Stand
Alex's face, witty slogans and not so witty ideas...
on stuff.