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Do Dope S#!7

The poster child for Pop-Culture exposure and Pop-Rock music, Alex Watts has always been a powerder-keg on any lineup. Capable of absolute professionalism in a corporate world, Alex can turn any event in to a party with just a single spark.

Cutting his teeth in pre-school, Alex’s quest to make every single person who ever meets him smile was born in the early 90s. Forgetting entirely to bring in a toy from home for Show & Tell – he stood confidently at the front of the class and proceeded to juggle his ‘Invisible Juggling Balls’ for 3 solid minutes. An exasperated teacher asked if Alex knew any tricks. The fool.

Without missing a beat, Alex cocked his leg up on a chair and proceeded to juggle behind his head and betwixt his legs. He has yet to bring out the trick again or even confirm where he got the balls.

His teacher was just happy for a few minutes break.

The Aspie World

Alex is The Aspie World's producer. Together, Alex and Dan have delivered talks across the world as part of the channel's quest to be a positive source for people on the Autism Spectrum.

Alex and Dan met in 2008 while both in different pop-rock bands playing the same show. Like magnets, they began talking about Star Wars, Blink 182 and Dungeons & Dragons. Years later, they have toured together, made albums together and napped on airplanes together.

Sharing in Dan’s vision, the YouTube community welcomed the channel and pair as they progress up the ladder. Guest Speaker at VidCon 2019, The Aspie World was part of the world’s first entirely neurodiverse panel in the pop-culture landscape.


Good Boi Fan

Dogs are a core part of the happy-pie which is Alex's soul. His main fandom is the Shiba-Inu - to which he's decided to own instead of having children (that and his extensive Batman collection).

For Alex’s 30th birthday, he met Hoshi & Ikora, a pair he follows on Instagram. His love for dogs caught the attention of a the Isle of Wight Dog Festival, who invited Alex to become their resident host.

We’ll let you know how he feels about that when we comes back from having his head in the clouds about it.

CGI Con is my way of saying thank you to my local community and giving them a genuine event to be excited about. Being a small island and full of amazing personalities in this culture, I felt it my duty as someone who could do something - to do it.

Alex Watts
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Alex's facination with humanity means he'll research any event topic until he is an expert in that field and then deliver a talk packed with humour, insight, entertainment and leave your class / audience / lecture better than before.