About ALEX.

Through this website, Alex has had absolutely no idea how to speak. Like, it’s me here – Alex Watts, so why am I speaking in the third person? I don’t have the answers to that – maybe to suggest there is a staff member who makes this for me? Maybe it’s subconsciously done to help an overworked journalist or event organiser who needs a few lines about me and doesn’t want to spend needless time adjusting the perspective?

Struggling with identity has never really been an issue for me. Spending my whole life vying for attention, the whole ‘look at me!” thing has been ever present. Way back when, I completely forgot to bring something in for show-and-tell, so in a moment of sheer brilliance, I stood proudly at the front of my class and presented – my balls. That’s right, my invisible, totally real and oh so ‘yuge’ juggling balls.

Dazzling the class, I mimed juggling for a solid 3 minutes – my teacher, looking to fumble me asked; ‘Can you do any tricks?’ – the fool – of course I could! So I proceeded to bump my leg up on a table, like a burlesque dancing 6 year old and juggle – not only behind my head, but between my legs.

Honestly, I have no idea what ‘ABOUT’ pages are for. I’m 30, live perpetually in a state of awe and excitement that pop-culture is portable and people keep asking me to talk about to rooms full of people. Growing up with pop-culture at the centre of my life has made it part of my soul and there are very few things I enjoy more than seeing so many people share in this with me. 

Alex also really likes bagels, the band Eleventyseven, choose your own adventure books and pretending to know how to play Magic the Gathering. 

Alex is both the best and worst person to travel and work with. He'll entertain and do a great job on stage, but he'll also explore cities completely unaccompanied or without telling me. I thought he was in our hotel bathroom for 3 hours when actually, he was in a Los Angels bar.