Alex's Story

There are 7 Billion people in this universe.
Alex is one of them.
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#1. Alex Pops Out

Alex was born in 1988 and lived above the family pub in Kent. Being the youngest of 3 siblings didn't stop him becoming mum's favourite.

#2. Free Range Child

Alex found the school curriculum silly. Instead, he spent his time starting leaf wars, climbing trees and being terrible at sports.

#3. Highschool

Alex spent most of his time at high school actively avoiding learning anything, opting instead to play music and eat pizza.

#4. Pumped

While his brother went to NASA and his sister recorded music for a label, Alex's first taste of work was at a petrol station. He loved it.

#5. Rockstar

Despite being under-qualified, Alex did tours as a music technician, produced several albums and found himself in LA for his troubles.

#6. The Wight Move

Choosing to start a band, Alex moved to the Isle of Wight. The band lasted about 1 Summer but Alex loved living on an island, so he stayed.

#7. Job Seekers

Finding it hard to maintain work, Alex spent 2 years sustaining himself on sporadic gigs, returning to music and designing posters.

#8. Burlesque Prince

Returning to the stage, Alex worked as a compere in the cabaret world for 5 years. His eccentric mannerisms made him a popular draw.

#9. Batman

Rumour has it that this isn't a costume.

#10. World Records

Running his own events for years brought Alex to his 'Something...' series. The debut show involved chainsaws and setting World Records.

#11. YouTube Life

Picked up by YouTube, Alex has collaborated with a fine crop of artists, musicians and creators. He continues to wonder 'how?'

#12. ADHD Tours

Alex's passion is performing and speaking about ADHD. Travelling the world to educate and inspire, Alex has found his groove.

#13. (You)niverse

There are 7 Billion people in this universe.
Alex has got the audacity to say that you matter.
Let's write the next chapter together.