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YouTube & Media Producer
From Page to Stage, Alex Watts is a versatile and hands-on creator.
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July 01, 2018 at 10:58PM

Behind the Camera

Alex has filmed all over the world and in obscure locations. Able to light and frame a hotel foyer, turning it in to a Daytime TV set, Alex enjoys giving any project he works on the highest production value – regardless of budget.

On Camera

Off the wall and frenetic, Alex is an energetic personality to have on camera. Asking questions, delivering information and driving interaction through calls to action – Alex is well versed and versatile for your on-camera needs.

November 04, 2018 at 03:28PM

Mobile Editor

Alex understands the pace of trending culture. If your video isn’t shot and edited in time, you miss the buzz, the views and the revenue. If you have a project that needs lightning fast turn around, complete with overlays, lower thirds and intro stings – get in touch today, post later today.

Why Use Alex?

Alex Watts has never been shy about getting involved with a project. From taking the lead to writing drafts and cutting together rushes, Alex has experience in all fields and has contacts in all areas should you need more crew for a project.



Alex's experience in all areas of production saves you time, personnel and money.


Adobe Proficient

Alex has a full Adobe Creative Cloud licence, a high-powered laptop and fast turnaround.


He Can Act

Need an extra to take a bump in an action scene or drink coffee in the back? Alex was born for that.

Make your next event 'more'.

Alex's facination with humanity means he'll research any event topic until he is an expert in that field and then deliver a talk packed with humour, insight, entertainment and leave your class / audience / lecture better than before.