Oh, hi there. I am;
Alex Watts
Alex Watts is just casually fine

Islander, gamer, mum's favourite.

Alex Watts is a 30 Something dude with video games, a dog, a fledgling fitness regime and a calendar filled with international talks, cruises and shenaniganising. Come for the ADHD advice- stay for the occasional Oxford comma and use of hyphens.

The Core Topics
Adulting in Your Thir-teen-ties.
Painting, cooking, running a house and generally doing the bare-minimum to earn videogame time.
Cloud Gaming
Living between 2 homes, Isle of Wight life and cruises - I find time to keep my pixel penchant happy.
Making Music
Between Beastie Boys, Smash Mouth, Run The Jewels and American Pie soundtracks - exists my music.
Costume Shenanigans
Gaps in my schedule are often filled with dressing up in giant carpets and doing my best to make kids and families laugh.
Weight Loss & Mindful Eating
At 21 stone, I was a very sad boy. Between better choices and basketball, I share my journey - and some recipes.
Extreme Hybrid Working
Working From Home is fine - but when you're responsibilities are flexible, why wouldn't you work from hotels?
Lots to say
News, Articles & Shenanigans ✏
So, like, err…
Quickfire Stuff

Yes! As a fun project, I will spend December caked in paint and fur, just to throw gang signs at youths and point out all the bald spots on adults. It’s fun, unless you have to use Sapp Concur to get paid.

Maybe… if you did, gg. If I trolled you so hard you rage quit and decided to look me up… err, hi. No apologies.

Yes. I was 21 stone at my worst. I am currently 16.9 or 17.3 – depending on how much gluten made up lunch. Date a nutritionist, they’ll tut at you reaching for donuts at 8am. 

Yes. They will be announced.

I ❤️ Video Calls

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