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Motion Graphics
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The Media House
February 2023
Motion Graphics
Live Events
Getting it Done Under Pressure

The Media House (TMH) provided live-streaming services to MMA TV in Epsom, the evening included 24 different fights. Between 2 fighters of various disciplines, weight classes, skill levels and length. All of these factors were taken into account when I was asked to created motion graphics for the live event. While this can be done in advance, TMH brought me along to assist as a camera operator. 

Despite having all graphics completed and cued into the switchers – the show (and stream) faced a hurdle when, 10 minutes before the start, our entire library was forced to change. The organiser had brought in new fighters, changed running orders, weights and even some title bouts. These all needed new graphics. Our pre-loaded fight 1 was no longer happening – as the new fighters were making their way from backstage to perform their walkouts.

Putting in some headphones, I got to work on remaking the whole show’s graphics in near real-time. As fight 1 was happening, I would be making fight 2s graphics. Each fight needed:

  • 1 x Versus Plate (names, weights, disciplines etc.)
  • 2 x Potential Winner Plate
  • 1 x Draw Plate
Despite the setback, each graphic was recreated with the new information. The only compromise made was the inability to render new animations in the timeframe. As such, they were stills. The organisers and TMH put on a great broadcast with no known errors.

About the Client

The Media House provide bespoke marketing services alongside live-streaming, lighting and staging events. Boasting an array of capabilities, the Cowes-based company are a compact and skilled team of techs, marketers and more.