Shenaniganiser, keen walker of his dog and Blink-182 incarnate.

It started in the 80s 📺

Raised on a re-run and the product of some of the finest days a kid can have in a rural market town. Encouraged to do whatever felt right and channeled it into doing some pretty cool stuff.

Fav. Food Stuff

Mexican 🌮
Nachos, Fajitas, Burritos.
American 🥞
Pancakes, Burgers.
Chow Mein, Lasagne.
stoked to be here
How do you make an Alex Watts?

Keeping myself entertained, grounded and inspired.


From Rocket League to Sim City - I love quick games and losing myself in a good story.

Playing Guitar

Despite being terrible, I keep writing songs Blink-182 will eventually sue me over.

Walking Asher

Most of my weight-loss came from Asher needing to be 5 miles away from anything.


Trying to play 3 times a week - while also realising my brain and my body are different ages.


There will never not be an appropriate time to watch something about Batman.

Mobile Photography

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is an exceptional camera. An excellent companion on the road.

The only notes needed

Music is ❤️

Writing, playing and performing – I am terrible at them all, but enthusiastic about supporting people who are not. The music collection is expansive, expensive and awesome.

Late 90s to early 00s Pop Rock 100%
Hip-Hop (Beastie Boys / Golden Age) 80%
Letting Shuffle Decide 50%
Making Music Is Fun

Blink-182 will
probbaly sue me.

Being back in the music world, writing music and jamming with my best friend is quite a fun way to unwind. Until, that is, we are sued by our influences.

My credo is Simple

Do. Dope. Shit.