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Alex Watts
A Frenetic Melee of Noise

Alex Watts makes
dope stuff for
the internet.

From MIT & VidCon, to classrooms and boardrooms, Alex Watts is an advocate for disability, marketing, social media and digital content. Take your event to the next level with a powderkeg of energy and ideas.

Some highlights of Alex's work
Do Dope S#!7

Album Art

Hosting & Marketing

Album Production

Speaking, Hosting & Marketing

Artwork Design & Live Production

Beta Testing & Feedback

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Brand Consultant
Digital First Advertising
Mexican Food Fan.

Making Stuff Since 1988

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The FAQ Bit

No need! I work remotely, across the world, from my home office. With high speed internet and Google services – I can attend meetings, deliver seminars and throw shapes at a party – all virtually!

With access to some of the most important people on the Internet age – I’ve kept my place in the good books by only bothering people with messages and information which would be of interest. Asking me to share your video through them isn’t going to cut it.

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Quick Facts

BSC Award
Broke Arm
Spoke at MIT & JFK Library