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Taking on those unquantifiable tasks 📝

Grow your business, not your ‘to do’ list.

Agency & Start-Up experienced, as well as a dab hand at data, admin and all sorts of tasks most offices hand around but never complete. Alex Watts parachutes into your business for as long as you need. Be it Isle of Wight or anywhere in the world.

It's not ALL Business 🔥

The Grinch is Back for Christmas 2023

The Isle of Wight’s answer to the question ‘what would a comedian be like if he was dressed as a goth Orville and allowed to make fun of the CEO?’ – I am back once more as The Grinch. New agent, new jokes, same smelly costume.

The Usual Shenanigans
Working Together
Another Pair of Hands
You've got a busy period coming up. Content to make, projects to close and not enough hands on deck. Now you do.
Content Creation
Give your socials and website some new life with a new line of photos, videos, TikToks and reels for your portals.
Public Speaking Coach
Delivering a pitch is difficult. It's also important. So spend some time cultivating the skill with a profesional.
Team Training

Leadership, Marketing and Culture all help a team grow. Let’s grow yours together.


You could use ChatGPT and get a robotic set or words. Me? I make it sound human.

Culture Development

High churn? Grey cloud? Root your team in positive ground with a culture appraisal.

Web Maintenance

Your website is fine - you don’t need a revamp, but certainly an MOT. Make it purr again.

Data Analytics

Web traffic, marketing results and more. Get your ROI on spend with solid feedback.

High Grade Minutes

Focus on your meeting - let me take the notes and build the action plan.

How it works
Getter Done
awb desk

Super Sub

£ 120 Per Half Day
  • Versatile Team Member
  • Hybrid Compatible
  • Discount for Bulk Bookings

Most Popular Choice

£ 200 Per Day
  • Versatile Team Member
  • Priority Booking
  • Workshops & Training
  • Discount for Bulk Bookings


£ 70 Consulting Session
  • Perfect for Meetings
  • Expert Minute Taking
  • Action Plan Included

"Alex organically just fit in and got through tasks. Made content, updated our website, gave some business mentorship and left again. Just a versatile body to have available during a busy spell."

So, like, err…
You probably have some questions.

Nope! As a freelancer, you don’t pay my pension, PAYE or anything. Heck I don’t even need a desk! I parachute in for as long as I’m needed and send an invoice.

You bet you do. If you bring me in for a marketing session and I help you develop a new logo, that’s yours! Code? Yours. Photos and video? Yours to keep. 

Well – yes. If you bring me in to do half a day of data entry but end up working on your website re-design for 3 days – I am versatile enough to do that. Probably changes the bill, however.

Nope! Well, not unless you want me there in person. Normally, I patch in to meetings and calls from my Isle of Wight home and then get to work!

Lots to say
News, Articles & Shenanigans ✏
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