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Writing Music Again

Way the fuck back in 2008, while going through my first ‘real’ breakup, I went on a quasi-date with my friend Sarah. We’d known each


The Argument – Revisited

Possibly because the allure of the Stacey’s Mom video. Perhaps because Fountains of Wayne (FoW) absolutely dominated my new-found / re-energised love for power-pop. All


Just a Hello.

Oh hey! It’s been a minute. Well, not that long – but when I setup the capacity to use my website properly, I aspired to

Cardiff City Stadium

Disarming Intrusive Thoughts

Autistic Minds put on one of the most important events in the calendar for the neurodiverse. The charity is, without hyperbole, one of the most


Dopamine & Fitness With Google Fit

This may shock absolutely nobody – but there was a time where describing me as a ‘2 man job’, ‘heckin chonk’ or ‘sir that shirt


Spending a Week in OS Flex

Writing about it in my blog about Stadia, I mentioned how converting an aged-out MacBook into a Chrome OS device had afforded a second life


In Defense of Google Stadia

It’s raining in New York. The hot kind of rain where it’s simultaneously too hot to go outside and also too wet. I’ve already had