Google Workspace Tips For ALL!

Google Workspace Tips For ALL!

Without any knowledge of me – you’d learn very quickly that I champion, endorse and adore Google Workspace. From a sparling intranet for a business, to mail-merging using a spreadsheet – the service is packed full of epic features you’re probably not using. Using Loom, I began showcasing a few 1-click solutions on the platform – and now, they’re becoming their own page on

Head on over to ‘Google Tips‘ to learn a few simple tricks. From being reminded of your shopping list when you get to the store – to making email threads an actionable task, I am beginning to rollout the tips.

As time moves forward, I’ll re-record them in a better format – but dude, Loom is fantastic.

So far these tips are all explained in under 2 minutes – and should save you much, much more if implemented properly. As time goes on – I want to show you we can remove the following monthly overheads from your business;

  • Mail Merging / Newsletter (Mailchimp etc.)
  • Project Management (
  • Team Communication (Slack)
  • Much more!

If you’re using some SaaS (Software as a Subscription) that you’d like to challenge me to create in Google let me know and I’ll see if we can save you SO much loot!

While Google Workspace isn’t quite the ‘everything’ supplier for business, there are many tips, tricks, services and more that users are not fully exploring.

Once again – this was a dead and gone £1500 paperweight iMac before Chrome OS came along and made it a powerhouse.
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Alex Watts

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