Making Overnight Oats [RECIPE]

Making Overnight Oats [RECIPE]

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are the simplest, quickest and most versatile breakfast prep you can do for yourself. It takes under 2 minutes to prep. Leave them in the fridge overnight and your morning breakfast is ready for you. Take it from me, a lazy guy... these are awesome.
prep time
2 Minutes
cooking time
total time


  • Small Tupperware With Lid

  • Fridge

  • A Spoon - I Guess?


  • Oats (Can be Gluten Free)

  • Oat Milk

  • Chocolate Spread

  • Coconut Shreds



Remember to Make Overnight Oats

Dude. Its super easy to forget to do this. My advice, put a note next to your bed - or set a reminder on your phone for 10 minutes before you normally go to bed.

Make Overnight Oats

Fill the Tupperware around halfway with your oats.

Bathe those suckers in oat milk. Fill to just under the surface of the oats.

Scoop in a spoon of chocolate spread.

Sprinkle on some Coconut shreds.

Drizzle on some honey.

Keep it Cool

Place that sucker in the fridge. Leave overnight and BOOM. Breakfast is sorted. No scrambling for cereal or leftover pizza. Oats, milk, stuff. Change ingredients to your taste.
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